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[KIIP level 5] Lesson 16. 한국의 주거 문화 Housing culture in Korea

<Page 75>  한국 사람들이 살고 있는 집의 형태는? 
거주하다: to reside; to dwell; to habitat
단독주택: detached house
공동주택: apartment building
채: Abound noun that serves as a unit for counting the number of houses, buildings, etc.
지은 => 짓다
차지하다: to possess; to own, to take up
다가구주택: multi-household house
소유권: ownership
나머지: the rest; the remainder
세를 들다: to rent
연립주택: townhouse; row houses
구분되다: to be divided; to be sorted
종종: occasionally
수백: hundreds
수천: thousands
대규모: being large-scale; being large-sized
지어지는 => 짓다
무렵: around; about
으나: but
선호하다: to prefer
설계: plan, design
건축: architecture; construction; building
편의시설: convenient facilities

공공임대주택: Public Rental Housing
장기전세주택: Long-term lease housing
서민: ordinary person; folk
해결하다: to solve; to settle; to resolve; to fix
정책: policy
마련하다: to prepare; to arrange
해당되다: correspond to; be equivalent to; be tantamount to
저소득층: low-income families
시세: current circumstances; current times; current price

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