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재미있는 한국어 Fun Fun Korean 1,2,3 PDF+Audio

Fun Fun Korean (in Korean: 재미있는 한국어) is a new guide for learning Korean in a fun, fun way. The books were written by authors from Korea University featuring:
  • Provides learners with ample opportunities to have fun while studying Korean.
  • Arranges lessons with authentic materials that focus on real daily situations
  • Helps learners to be familiarized with grammar structures or vocabulary by giving simple explanation and offering fun various activities.
  • Enables learners to communicate their thoughts in real situations naturally

The Fun Fun Korean book series has a total of 6 volumes:  book 1 & 2 for beginner learners, book 3 & 4 for intermediate learners, and book 5 & 6 for advance learners. If you are living in Korea, the full book series can be purchased online at Gmarket or similar online bookstores.

The ebook versions of the textbooks are collected from different sources, so only some books (from volume 1 to volume 3) are available. If you want to have your own textbook and practice book, please consider to buy the printed books as mentioned above.

You may get a free copy at: Fun Fun Korean PDF+Audio

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