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The 63rd TOPIK II 2019 -Reading Test (PDF +Answer) (Unofficial release)

The TOPIK II test composes of 3 different tests that take place in a total of 180 minutes.

The listening test has 50 questions taking in 60 minutes.
The writing test has 4 questions taking in 50 minutes.
The reading test has 50 questions taking in 70 minutes.

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Download the 63rd TOPIK II - Reading test PDF here OR Practice online as below.

The 63rd TOPIK II -Reading Test PDF + Answer:

[1~2](  ) 들어갈 가장 알맞은 것을 고르십시오. ( 2)

[1] 나는 아침에 (  ) 커피를   마신다.
MeaningI have a cup of coffee as soon as I wake up from bed.

[2] 친구와 (  ) 선생님 말씀을  들었다.
MeaningI didn't hear the teacher because I was chatting with my friends.

[34]다음 밑줄  부분과 의미가 비슷한 것을 고르십시오. ( 2)

[3] 앞이  보일 만큼 비가 많이 온다.
Answer보일 정도로
MeaningThe rain is so heavy that it can't be seen the front.

[4] 민수 씨는 책을 사기만 하고 읽지는 않는다.
MeaningMinsu only buy books, but does not read them.

[58]다음은 무엇에 대한 글인지 고르십시오. ( 2)

[5] 여러 장도 빠르고 선명하게
종이가 걸리지 않고  나와요~
Answer복사기 / printer
MeaningMany sheets are fast and clear! No paper jam, come out smoothly ~

[6] 과거와 미래가  자리에!
자동차의 역사를 한눈에!
실제 자동차를 관람하실  있습니다.
Answer박물관 / Measeum
MeaningThe past and the future in one place! Look at the history of the car at a glance! You can see the actual car.

[7] 어린이 보호 구역속도 지키기!
소중한 우리 아이들을 보호해 주세요~
Answer교통 안전 / Traffic safety
MeaningChildren protection zone, the speed must be observed! Please protect our precious children ~

[8] 출발  시간 전부터는 항공권을 취소할  없습니다.
날씨로 인해 비행이 어려울 경우 항공료를 100% 돌려드립니다.
Answer환불 안내 / Refund Guide 
MeaningThe ticket cannot be cancelled one hour before departure. Due to the weather, it is difficult to fly, the ticket money is 100% returned.

[912]다음  또는 그래프의 내용과 같은 것을 고르십시오.( 2)

[9] 동아리 활동비 신청하세요!
신청 기간: 5 6() 9~5 10()18 
신청 자격인주대학교 소속  동아리 대표
재출 서류활동비 신청서활동 개획서
재출 방법동아리 연합회 사무실에 방문 재출
궁금한 사항은 홈페이( 통해 문의하세요.
Answer서류는 사무실로 직접 가서 내야 한다. To submit personally to the office
Meaningapplication for club funding!
Application Period: 9:00 May 6 to 18:005 May 10
Eligibility: Representatives from various clubs in Inju University
Submission documents: activity funding application, activity plan
Submission method: direct access to the association office
If you have any questions, you can consult the website ( ) .

[10] 출산율을 높이기 위해 어떤 지원이 필요한가?

Answer세금 혜택보다 의료비 지원을 선택한 사람이  많다.
MeaningWhat support do you need to boost the birth rate?
- More people chose to provide medical assistance than tax benefits.

[11] 나쁜 습관을 개선해 주는 팔찌가 올해 최고의 발명품으로 선정됐다 팔찌는 손톱 물어뜯기처럼 손으로 하는 나쁜 버릇을 반복하지 않도록 해준다고치고 싶은 습관을 입력한  팔찌를 차고 있으면  행동을  때마다 진동으로 경고를 한다또한 어떤 상황에서 그런 습관이 나타나는지 기록으로 확인할  있어 행동을 고치는 데에 도움이 된다.
Answer 팔찌는 어떤 상황에서 습관이 반복되는지 기록한다.  The bracelet records the repetition of habits in certain situations.
Meaning The bracelet that can correct bad habits was chosen as the best invention of the year. This bracelet prevents the repeated occurrence of bad behaviors such as biting your fingernails. If you wear a bracelet after entering the habit you want to fix, you will be warned with vibrations every time you perform the action. It also helps to correct behavior by allowing records to verify the appearance of such habits in certain circumstances.

[12] 인주시에 사는 7, 9 어린 형제가 할아버지를 구해 화제가 되고 있다부모님이 외출한 사이에 할아버지가 쓰러지자 형제는 재빨리 119 전화를 했고 지시에 따라 응급 처치를 실시했다어린 형제의 빠른 응급 처치 덕에 할아버지는 의식을 되찾을  있었다형제는 간호사인 어머니로부터 평서 응급 처치 방법을 배워 이처럼 빠르게 대처할  있었다고 한다.
Answer사고가 일어났을   형제의 어머니는 집에 없었다. Brothers' mother was not at home when the accident occurred.
Meaning The story of the 7-year-old and 9-year-old brothers who saved their grandfather in Inju became a topic of conversation. During the time when the parents went out, their grandfather collapsed, the brothers quickly dialed 119 and, according to instructions, performed first aid. Thanks to the first aid, the grandpa recovered his consciousness. The brothers usually learned the first aid method from the mother who is the nurse, so this situation can be dealt with quickly. 

[1315]다음을 순서대로 맞게 배열한 것을 고르십시오.( 2)

(모든 쥐가 좋은 생각이라며 당장 그렇게 하자고 했다.
(쥐들이 모여 무서운 고양이를 피할  있는 방법을 의논했다.
(누가 고양이 목에 방울을 달겠냐고 했더니 아무도 나서지 않았다.
( 쥐가 고양이 목에 방울을 달면 소리가 나서 미리 도망갈  있다고 했다.
MeaningThe mice gather to discuss how to avoid the terrible cat. A mouse proposes to hang a bell around the cat's neck so that they can hear the sound in order to escape. Everyone said that this is a good idea, and tell to implement it immediately, but when asked if anyone would put a bell around the cat's neck, no one came forward.

(그래서 충전 금액이 남는 것을 걱정할 필요가 없다.
(각종 교통수단을 이용할  있고 혜택도 다양하기 때문이다.
(새로 출시된 외국인 전용 관광 카드가 좋은 반응을 얻고 있다.
( 카드는 필요한 만큼 충전해서 쓰고 남은 것을 돌려받을 수도 있다.
MeaningThe newly launched foreigner-only sightseeing card received a lot of praise because it can be used in various transportations, and there are also many kinds of discounts. After the card is recharged for a good amount, the balance can be refunded, so there is no need to worry about the amount of recharge.

(성인이 되면 발의 크기가  이상 변하지 않는다고 여기는 것이다.
(대부분의 성인들은 자신의  크기를 정확하게 안다고 생각한다.
(하지만 성인들도 신발을   발의 치수를 다시 확인해 봐야 한다.
(여러 이유로 성인이  후에  크기가 달라지는 경우가  있기 때문이다.
MeaningMost adults think that they know the size of their feet accurately. They think that the size of the feet will not change after adulthood. However, when adults buy shoes, they also need to re-confirm the size of the feet. This is because, for various reasons, the size of the feet changes after adulthood.

[16~18] 다음을 읽고 (    ) 들어갈 내용으로 가장 알맞은 것을 고르십시오. ( 2 )

[16] 최근 어느 나라에서 반려동물 물고기를 보호하기 위한 법이 제정되었다 법에 따르면 어항은 물고기가 살기에 충분한 크기여야 하며 실제 자연 환경과 최대한 비슷해야 한다또한 어항에서 물고기  마리만 키우는 것을 금지한다는 내용도 포함되어 있다물고기는 (   ) 사는 동물이라서  마리만 있으면  스트레스를 받기 때문이다.
Answer함께 무리를 이루어 live in groups
Meaning: Recently, in some countries, laws have been enacted to protect pet fish. According to the law, the fish tank should be large enough to accommodate the fish and should be as close as possible to the actual natural environment. Moreover, the law also includes the prohibition of raising only one fish in a fish tank. Because fish live in groups together, it receives a lot of stress when living alone.

[17] 일부 소수의 사람들을 위해서 수익이 거의 없거나 손해가 되는 상품을 생산하는 기업들이 있다모유나 우유를 소화시키지 못하는 아기를 위해 치료식 두유를 생산하는 경우가 이에 해당된다기업은 이런 활동을 통해 사회에 도움을 주면서 (   )  있다이익만을 생각하는 기업이 아니라 사회를 위해 일하는 기업이라는 인식을 갖게 하는 것이다.
Answer기업의 이미지를 좋게  to enhance the image of a company
MeaningThere are companies that produce little or no profit for some minority of people. This is the case for the production of therapeutic soymilk for children who cannot digest breast milk and milk. Through such activities, companies can help the society while also making the image of the company better. It will make people realize that this company not only thinks about benefits, but also works for society.

[18] 성장 호르몬은 아이들이 자랄  몸의 성장을 돕는다뿐만 아니라 성인의 경우에는  동안에 지친 몸의 기능을 회복시키고 노화를 늦추는 역할을 한다 호르몬은 영양  운동수면  조건이 맞아야  만들어지는데 특히 언제 자는지가 중요하다성장 호르몬은  10시부터 새벽 2 사이에 (    )  시간대에는 잠을 자는 것이 좋다.
Answer:가장 활발하게 나오므로 produces the most actively
MeaningGrowth hormones help the body grow as the child grows. Not only that, but for adults, there are also functions that can restore the body after daytime fatigue and delay aging. These hormones are made well only when conditions are right, such as nutrition, exercise, and sleep, especially when they sleep. The growth hormone is produced the most actively from 10 pm to 2 am, so sleeping at this time is the best.

[19~20] 다음을 읽고 물음에 답하십시오. ( 2)
통신 매체가 발달하면서 예전에 비해 라디오를 따로  두는 집이 별로 없다하지만 지진화재  긴급 재난 시에는 라디오가 매우 유용할  있다재난 상황  휴대 전화와 인터넷이 끊겨 외부와 단절되는 경우가 종종 발생한다반면 라디오는 어떤 상황에서도 수신이  되는 편이기 때문에 외부 상황을   있고 건전지 하나로도 오래 버틸  있다. (    ) 언제 닥칠지 모르는 재난에 대비하여 라디오   정도는 준비해 놓는 것이 좋다.
[19] Space (  )따라서 
[20] Consensus인터넷은 재난 상황  외부와의 연결이 안정적이지 않다. The Internet is not stable in the event of a disaster.
MeaningWith the development of communication media, there are not many homes that have radios as before. However, in case of emergency disasters such as earthquakes and fires, radio can be very useful. In disaster situations, mobile phones and the Internet are often disconnected from the outside world. Radio, on the other hand, is receiving well under any circumstances, so you can know the external situation and last long with just one battery. Therefore, it is advisable to have a radio ready in case of a possible disaster.

[21~22] 다음을 읽고 물음에 답하십시오. ( 2)
화분에 물을 톡톡 털어 주세요.’  백화점 화장실에 붙어 있는 문구이다손을 씻은  세면대 위에 있는 화분에 물을 털도록 유도하는 것인데 이렇게 했더니 종이 수건을 전보다 훨씬 적게 사용했다고 한다종이 절약은 결국  원료가 되는 나무 자원의 보호로 이어진다그러므로 자연보호를 위해 (    ) 못하더라도 이처럼 생활 속에서 작은 실천을 꾸준히 하는 것이 필요하다.
[21] Space (  ) 벗고 나서지는 come forward with barefoot (litterally: throw oneself into a matter)
[22] Main idea일상생활에서의 작은 실천이 자원 절약에 도움이 된다.
Small practices in everyday life can help save resources.
Meaning"Please slowly pour the water in the pot." This is the slogan attached to the bathroom of a department store. In order to induce people to use less water on the washstand after washing hands, it turns out that people use paper towels much less than before. Saving paper is also a protection of the tree resources as raw materials. Therefore, in order to protect nature, even if you can't throw yourself into a matter, it is neccessary to do some small practices in your life.

[23~24] 다음을 읽고 물음에 답하십시오. ( 2)
어느  갑자기 가장이  어머니는     닥치는 대로 하며 돈을 버느라 몸이  개라도 부족했다자식을 제대로 돌볼  없었던 어머니는 나를 할머니 댁에 맡겼고나는 2 정도 할머니와 생활했다.
추운 겨울날 학교에서 돌아오면 할머니는 “춥지아이구손이 꽁꽁  얼었네.” 하며  손을 후후 불어 주시곤 했다 여름날 부채질을  주시는 할머니의 무릎을 베고 낮잠을 자면 얼마나 시원하고 달콤하던지…….
어느덧 나는 30 나이가 되었다얼마  추석 명절에 할머니가 계신 병원으로 병문안을 갔다.
아저씨는 누구세요?”
팔순을 넘긴 할머니는 치매로 그토록 애지중지하던 손주조차 알아보지 못했다그런 할머니 앞에서 나는 아무 말도   없었다.
[23] Underlined part가슴이 아프다 
[24] Consensus내가 어렸을  할머니가 나를 키워 주신 적이 있다. When I was a child, my grandmother had raised me up.
MeaningOne day, my mother who suddenly became the head of the family had to do various works to make money, even if she had two bodies. The mother who can't take good care of her child entrusted me to my grandmother, so I have lived with my grandmother for 2 years.
When I came back from school on a cold winter day, she said, "Is it cold? Your hands are freezing." She used to blow my hands. Also, on a summer day, how cool and sweet it was when I took a nap with my grandmother's knee that fanned me.….
Unconsciously, I have reached the age of 30. Not long ago, the Mid-Autumn Festival, I went to the hospital where my grandmother was living.
"Who is this uncle?"
Grandma in her 80s is demented, and even she can’t recognize her soloved grandson. In front of such a grandmother, I can't say anything.

[25~27] 다음 신문 기사의 제목을 가장  설명한 것을 고르십시오. ( 2)

[25]  돌린 여론 어쩌나한숨 쉬는 정치인들
Answer정치인들이 자신들에 대한 부정적인 여론 때문에 걱정하고 있다. 
Politicians are worried about their negative public opinion.
Meaningwhat to do against the public opinion, sighing politicians.

[26] 극심한  가뭄 탈출, 인주시 축구팀 자신감 회복
Answer인주시 축구팀이 골을  넣다가 마침내 득점에 성공해 자신감을 되찾았다.
The Inju soccer team finally recovered its confidence by scoring a goal.
MeaningGet rid of serious scoring difficulties, Inju football team restore confidence.

[27] 드라마 중간 광고 도입 허용반대 목소리는 여전
Answer드라마 중간에 광고를   있게 됐지만 반대 의견은 계속되고 있다.
Although advertisements can be inserted in the middle of the TV series, there have always been objections.
MeaningAllow inserting advertisements in the middle of the licensed TV series, opposition voices still remain

[28~31] 다음을 읽고 (    ) 들어갈 내용으로 가장 알맞은 것을 고르십시오( 2)

[28] 지구를 돌고 있는 우주 정거장의 속도는 초속 7.9km 이른다지구를 90분마다  번씩 도는 셈이다그래서 우주 정거장에서는 하루 동안 16번이나 해가 뜨고 지는 것을   있다.  때문에 우주 정거장에서 생활을 처음 하는 우주 비행사들 중에는 수면에 어려움을 겪는 경우가 많다우주 정거장에서는 (       ) 수면 리듬이 깨지게 되는 것이다.
Answer낮과 밤이 자주 바뀌어서 often change day and night 
MeaningThe space station rotating around the Earth has a speed of 7.9 kilometers per second. It is a turn around the earth every 90 minutes. So in the space station, you can see 16 sunrises and sunsets a day. Therefore, the pilots who lived in the space station for the first time have many experiences of difficulty sleeping. In the space station, day and night often change, and sleep becomes irregular.

[29] 사람의   중에는 주로 쓰는 눈이 있는데 이를 '주시안'이라고 한다평소에는 의식하지 못하지만 총을 쏘거나 사진을 찍는  한쪽 눈만을 사용하는 상황에서는 (       ). 사람마다 어떤 일을   자주 쓰는 손이 있는 것처럼 눈도 양쪽  중에서  중심적인 역할을 하는 눈이 있는 것이다이러한 주시안은 유아기에 정해지게 되는데 한번 정해진 주신안은 변경이 불가능한 것으로 알려져 있다.
Answer주시안을 사용하게 된다 use the main eye
MeaningAmong the two eyes of people, there is a mainly used eye, this is called "the main eye." Usually, although there is no consciousness, it is necessary to use the main eye when shooting or taking pictures. Just like everybody has a hand that is often used when doing something, there is also eye that plays a more central role in both eyes. As we all know, such a main eye is fixed in the early childhood, and once the main eye is fixed, it cannot be changed.

[30] 깊지 않은 바닷물의 온도는 일반적으로 태양 광선의 세기와 각도노출 시간 등의 요인에 따라 달라진다 바다에 도달하는 태양의 열에너지 총량으로 결정되는 것이다그래서 같은 바다라고 해도 계절이나 지리적 위치가 다르면 수온도 달라진다하지만 깊은 바다  심해층의 수온은 이러한 요인들과 상관없이   내내 일정하게 유지된다심해층은 바다 표면과 달리 (   ) 때문이다.
Answer태양 광선이 도달하지 못하기 the sun’s rays can’t reach
MeaningThe temperature of deep sea water generally depends on factors such as the intensity and angle of the sun's rays and the exposure time. That is to say, its temperature is determined by the total amount of heat energy reaching the sea. So even in the same sea, if the seasons and geographical locations are different, the water temperature will be different. However, the deep sea water temperature in the deep sea will not be affected by these factors and will remain stable for the whole year. The deep sea is different from the surface of the sea because the sun's rays cannot reach it.

[31] 꿀은  상하지 않는 식품으로 알려져 있다음식물이 썩는 것은 미생물의 번식 때문인데  속에서는 미생물이 번식하지 못한다 이유는 농도가 낮은 액체가 농도가 높은 쪽으로 이동하는 삼투 현상 때문이다꿀은 당분 농도가 매우 높기 때문에 미생물이  속에 들어가게 되면 미생물의 세포 속에서 수분이 빠져나와 미생물이 말라 죽게 된다따라서 (    )  있도록  보관하면 오래된 꿀도 안심하고 먹을  있다.
Answer꿀의 당분 농도가 유지될 maintaing sugar concentration of honey
MeaningIt is well known that honey is a food that is not easily deteriorated. Food rotting is due to microbial propagation, but microbes do not reproduce in honey. This is due to osmotic phenomena in which the liquid with a low concentration moves toward the higher concentration. Because honey has a very high concentration of sugar, when the microorganisms enter the honey, the moisture escapes from the cells of the microorganism, causing the microorganisms to dry out and die. Therefore, if you maintain the sugar concentration of honey, you can safely eat it even for a long time.

[32~34] 다음을 읽고 내용이 같은 것을 고르십시오. ( 2)

[32] 정의의 여신상 법을 대표하는 상징물로서 보통  손에는 저울을다른  손에는 칼을 쥐고 있다저울은 다툼의 정확하고 공정한 해결을 의미하고 칼은 사회 질서를 파괴하는 행동에 대한 강력한 제재를 나타낸다어떤 국가에는 어느 한쪽으로 치우치지 않는 공평한 판단을 강조하기 위해  눈을 안대로 가린 정의의 여신상도 있다  대신 법전을 들고 있는 경우도 있는데 법전은 오로지 법에 따라 심판한다는 의미를 가진다.
Answer어떤 정의의 여신상은 안대로 눈이 가려져 있다. Some Statues of Justice are blindfolded by eyemasks.
MeaningThe Statue of Justice is a symbol of the law, usually holding a scale in one hand and a sword in the other. The scale means an accurate and fair resolution of a quarrel, and the sword represents strong sanctions against actions that destroy social order. In some countries there is also the Statue of Justice that two eyes are blindfolded to emphasize impartial judgment that is not biased toward either side. In some cases, she holds a law book instead of a sword, which means that she judges only according to the law.

[33] 격구는 원래 말을 타고  막대기로 공을 치는 전통놀이였다그런데 조선 시대에는 격구가 무예를 단련하는 방법의 하나로  널리 활용되었다말을  상태에서 막대기를 이용해 공을 치는 행위가 창을 들고 목표물을 조준해 찌르는 것과 유사했기 때문이다하지만 17세기 이후 총이나 대포 같은 무기가 발달하면서 말과 창의 군사적인 효용성이 떨어지자 격구라는 전통놀이도 점차 사라지게 되었다.
Answer조선 시대에는 격구로 무예를 익히는 사람들이 많았다. During the Joseon Dynasty, there were many people who mastered martial arts by using dakgu (polo).
MeaningPolo was originally a traditional game of riding a horse and playing with a long stick. But in the Joseon era, polo was more widely used as a way to practice martial arts. Because playing the ball with a stick while riding a horse, this behavior is similar to holding a long gun and aiming at the target object. But after the 17th century, with the development of weapons such as guns or cannon, the military effectiveness of horses and spear has decreased, and the traditional game of polo has gradually disappeared.

[34] 한국의 전통 종이인 한지가 해외 문화재 복원에도 사용되고 있다종이로  문화재의 훼손된 부분을 보수하는 데에 쓰이는 것이다한지는 섬유질이 질긴 닥나무로 만들기 때문에 다른 종이에 비해 내구성과 보존성이 우수하다 잿물과 햇볕을 이용한 자연적 방법으로 하얗게 만들기 때문에 화학 약품을  종이와 달리 쉽게 변색되지 않는다이렇게 한지는  가치를 인정받으며 세계적인 예술가 다빈치의 작품 복원에도 사용되었다.
Answer한지는 닥나무로 만들어 시간이 지나도 쉽게 훼손되지 않는다.
Hanji is made of mulberry and is not easily damaged over time.
MeaningKorean traditional Korean paper is used to repair overseas artifacts. That is to repair the damaged part of the paper artifacts. Because hanji is made of tough mulberry, it has better durability and preservation than other paper. Also, it does not discolor easily unlike paper that uses chemicals because it makes it white in natural ways using lye and sunlight. Hanji was recognized for its value and was also used to restore works by world-renowned artist Da Vinci.

[35~38] 다음 글의 주제로 가장 알맞은 것을 고르십시오. ( 2 )

[35] 제품을 디자인할  아름다움을 우선적으로 생각하는 경향이 있다그러나 때로는 제품의 사용자가 누구냐에 따라서 우선시해야 하는 요소가 달라질  있다예를 들어 장난감을 디자인할 때는 아이들의 특성을 생각하여 입에 넣을  없는 크기로 만들어 안전성을 높여야 한다 고령자를 위한 제품은 조작 방법을 단순화하는  편의성을 고려해야 한다제품의 디자인은 사용자에 대한 분석과 이해가 바탕이 되어야 하는 것이다.
Answer디자인을  떄는 사용자의 특성을 고려할 필요가 있다. When designing, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the user.
MeaningWhen designing products, we tend to think about aesthetics first. However, sometimes the factors that should be considered first are different depending on the user of the product. For example, when designing a toy, the characteristics of the child should be considered, and the product should be made into a size that cannot be swallowed to improve its safety. In addition, for products designed for the elderly, attention should be paid to the simplification of the assembly method to consider its convenience. Product design should be based on analysis and understanding of the user.

[36] 과거 시청자들은 수동적으로 방송을 수용하며 감상평 정도를 제한적으로 표현했다그러나 인터넷이 발달하고 자신의 생각을 드러내는 것이 자연스러운 시대가 되면서 시청자들이 의견 개진에 적극 나서고 있다방송 내용의 오류에 대해 수정을 요구하거나 방송 구성에 대한 새로운 방향을 제시하는  능동적 참여자가 되고 싶은 것이다제작진 역시 시청자들의 의견을 받아들여 방송 제작에 반영하는 경우가 많아지고 있다.
Answer방송을 대하는 시청자의 태도가 변화하고 있다. The viewer's attitude toward broadcasting is changing.
MeaningIn the past, viewers passively watched the show and expressed their feelings within certain limits. However, as the era of developed internet and natural expression of personal ideas comes, the audience is actively participating in the improvement opinions. The audience asked to modify the errors in the content of the program, or to propose new directions for the structure of the program, etc. They want to be active participants. Producers are also increasingly accepting viewers' opinions and reflecting them in broadcasting production.

[37] 한국 작품의 세계 문학상 수상이 이어지면서 한국 문학의 해외 진출에 대한 기대가 높아졌다그러나 전문 번역자가 부족한 실정을 생각하면 아직은  길이 멀다영상이 있는 드라마, 영화와 달리 문학은 세심한 번역을 통해 원작의 언어적 감성과 글의 맛을 살리는 것이 중요하다번역을  2 창작이라 하고 번역가에게까지 문학상을 수여하는 이유이다전문 번역가가 충분히 확보될  한국 문학이 세계로 더욱 뻗어 나갈  있을 것이다.
Answer: 한국 문학의 해외 진출을 위해 전문 번역가를  많이 양성해야 한다. More professional translators should be trained to advance into foreign markets for Korean literature.
MeaningWhile Korean works have been awarded the World Literature Award, expectations for Korean literature to enter overseas have also increased. However, if you think about the lack of professional translators, you will know that you have to go a long way. Unlike video dramas and movies with images, it is very important for literature to reproduce the sensibility of the original language and the charm of the text through delicate translation. This is why translation is called the second creation, and the translator is also given the reason for the literary prize. When enough professional translators are secured, Korean literature will be able to spread further around the world.

[38] 최근 ‘행운 상자 마케팅’  유행하고 있다 마케팅은 여러 상품을 무작위로 담아 동일한 가격으로 파는 것이다상자에는 대개 판매 금액 정도의 물건이 들어 있지만 간혹 훨씬 비싼 물건이 들어 있는 경우도 있다그렇기 때문에 소비자들은 고가의 물건을 기대하며 행운 상자를 구매하고 포장된 상자를 열어 보며 흥미진진해한다가능성이 낮은 것을 알지만 그래도 자신에게 행운이 오기를 바라는 사람들의 심리를 마케팅에 활용하는 것이다.
Answer: 기대 심리를 이용한 마케팅이 소비자의 구매를 유도하고 있다. Marketing using expectation psychology is driving consumer purchase.
MeaningRecently, "Lucky Box Marketing" is very popular. This marketing randomly distributes multiple items and sells them at the same price. Although the items in the box are sold at similar prices, occasionally expensive items appear. As a result, consumers are looking forward to buying high-priced items, buying lucky boxes, and happily opening the packaged boxes. This is the result of applying people's psychology to marketing. Although it is known that the possibility is very low, it is still the expectation that luck will come to you.

[39~41] 다음 글에서 <보기> 문장이 들어가기에 가장 알맞은 곳을 고르십시오. ( 2 )

[39] 봄철 등산객이 늘어나면서 말벌에 쏘이는 일이 잇따르고 있다. (말벌에 쏘이면 강한  때문에 매우 고통스럽고 심하면 사망에 이를  있다. (그런데 말벌은 검은색이나 갈색  짙고 어두운 색에 강한 공격성을 보인다. (오소리  천적들의 털이 짙고 어두운 색이기 때문에 이런 색을 보면 천적으로 오인하는 것이다. (그래서 말벌 사고를 방지하려면 등산  밝은 색깔의 옷과 모자를 착용하는 것이 좋다.
<보기> 일반 꿀벌의 독에 비해 해로운 성분의 양이  15  이상이나 많기 때문이다.
MeaningWith the increase of spring climbers, the situation of bee stings has also occurred one after another. If it is smashed by the wasp, it will be very painful due to severe toxicity, and it may cause death if it is serious. (This is because the toxic component of the wasp is more than 15 times that of the common bee). However, wasps are only aggressive against dark colors such as black or brown. Because the hair of its natural enemies, bears, etc. is dark, it is a natural enemy to see this color. Therefore, in order to prevent the wasp accident, you should wear bright clothes and hats when climbing.

[40] 선풍기나 에어컨이 없던 옛날에는 더운 여름밤을 어떻게 견뎌 냈을까? (우리 선조들은 열기를 식히고 숙면을 취하기 위해 죽부인을 만들었다. (죽부인은 대나무를 얼기설기 엮어서 길고 둥근 원통 모양으로 만든 것이다. (속이   형태였기 때문에 팔과 다리를 올리면 공기가  통해서 땀이 차지 않고 시원한 느낌이 들었다. (죽부인은 남녀 모두 즐겨 이용하던 선조들의 기발한 여름용품이라   있다.
<보기> 또한 대나무의 표면이 차가운 것도 열기를 식히는 데에 도움이 되었다.
MeaningIn the past, how did you endure a hot summer night when there was no fan or air conditioner? Our ancestors made bamboo pillow to cool off the heat and take a good night's sleep. The bamboo pillow is a cylindrical object made by interlacing bamboo things together. Because of its hollow shape, we can put our arms and legs up and let the air pass, which is a cool and wicking effect. (In addition, the surface of the bamboo is cold and cool, which also helps to cool off the heat.) The bamboo pillow is a wonderful summer item that ancestors loved to use.

[41] 지난달에 막을  공연도깨비 연일 전석 매진을 기록하고 있다. ( 공연은 한국 설화에 등장하는 도깨비를 주인공으로 내세워 한국 전통 문화를 신명 나게 보여 준다. (대사가 없이 현란하고 역동적인 춤과 몸짓만으로 무언극을 진행하고 있다는 점이 특징이다. (참신한 내용과 화려한 볼거리로 관객들 사이에서 입소문을 타면서 앞으로도 흥행을 이어갈 전망이다. ()
<보기> 언어의 장벽을 없애서 외국인 관객들도 즐길  있도록 하겠다는 제작 의도가 담긴 것이다.
MeaningThe performance of "Ghosts", which opened last month, has been selling out of the box office. The performance is based on the ghosts of Korean mythology, which vividly expresses the traditional culture of Korea. There are no speeches, only gorgeous and full of rhythmic dances and body movements. The form of no language performance is the major feature. It is intended to eliminate the barriers of language so that foreign audiences can enjoy it. With novelty and spectacular viewpoints, it is expected to continue to entertain the audience with word of mouth among the audience.

[4243]다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하십시오.( 2)

달리면서 생각한다 데가 없어피시방 같은 데서 밤이라도 보내야  텐데너무 갑작스럽게 터진 일이어서  원짜리 동전 하나도  들고 나왔다말할 일이 없으니  일도 거의 없는 휴대 전화는 책상  가방 속에  채로다그게 있었다 한들 사정이 달랐을까친구라고 부를 만한 누군가가 있기를 나의 더듬거리는 말마디의 행간 속에서 아무것도 묻지 않고   벌려  누군가가 나한테 있기를 하냐고마지막으로 소식을 들은   년쯤 되는 이모와 외할머니는 이제 연락처는 관두고 생사도 모른다나는 언제까지어디까지 달릴  있늘까그런 공간적 한계를 깨달을  떠오른 곳이 여기였다숨을 몰아쉰다쇼윈도에 찍힌 불특정 다수의 손자국 너머로 그가 보이다피지 못하게 또는 어쩌다 보니  가게의 단골이 되기는 했는데나는 말만 더듬지 않는다면   물어보고 싶었더랬다무슨 빵집이이런 길에서 한밤중에  먹는 사람이 어디 있다고 24시간 영업을 해요? (중략그러나  24시간 영업 방침 덕분에 지금 나는 이렇게 문밖에  있다. 도망갈 곳이 있다문을 민다 구운 빵들의 열기로 가게 안이 후끈거린다. (중략) “  숨겨 .” 내가 최대한 멀리 도망가는 대신 아파트 단지에서   미터도 떨어지지 않은 빵집으로 뛰어들어 왔으리라고는그들  아무도 생각 못할 거야.
[42] Underline part:다행스럽다 lucky
[43] Consensus나는 평소 말을 더듬거리는 버릇을 가지고 있다I usually have a habit of stammering.
MeaningI think while running. I have nowhere to go. I wish I could spend the night in a PC room, but it was so sudden that I couldn't bring a hundred won coin with me. The cell phone, which has little to do with nothing to say, is left in the bag beside the desk. Would it have been different? I want someone to call me a friend, someone to open their arms without asking me anything in my stuttering line of words? My aunt and grandmother, who are about six years old since I last heard the news, have no idea where they are from. How long can I run and how far? This was where I came to mind when I realized such spatial limitations. Breathe out. He is seen beyond an unspecified number of grandchildren on the show window. I became a regular customer of the store, and I always wanted to ask him if he didn't stutter. What kind of bakery do you open 24 hours a day in the middle of the night on this street? (Omitted) But thanks to that 24-hour business policy, I'm standing outside the door like this. There's a place to run away. Push the door. The heat of freshly baked breads makes the store hot. (Omitted) "Hide me a little bit." No one of them would think I'd have jumped into a bakery as far away as possible, hundreds of meters from the apartment complex.

[4445]다음을 읽고 물음에 답하십시오.( 2)
귀납법은 수많은 사례들을 통해 일반적 원리로서의 결론을 이끌어 내는 방법이다. 귀납법을 통한 결론은 보편적 지식으로 신뢰감을 준다. 이러한 지식은 직접적 관찰이나 경험에 바탕을 두고 도출한 결론이기 때문에 객관성이 확보된다. 이에 귀납법은 학문 연구에 많이 이용되며 학문 발전에서 중요한 역할을  왔다. 그러나 어느 과학자는 엄밀히 말해 귀납법을 통해 보편적 지식을 이끌어 내는 것은 불가능하다고 했다. 귀납법이 모든 사례를 전부 확인할  있는 것은 아니기 때문이다 방법은 (     ) 완전히 배제할  없다는 한계가 있다. 지금까지 관찰된 많은 사례들이 모두 참이라 하더라도 앞으로 이를 반박할 사례가 발견될 가능성이 있는 것이다. 다시 말해 귀납법을 통한 결론이 반드시 참이라고 보장하기는 어렵다.
[44] Article topic귀납법에 의한 지식이 불변의 진리가 아닐  있다. Knowledge by induction may not be a constant truth.
[45] Space (  )결론에서 벗어나는 예외를 Exceptions to the conclusion
MeaningInductive method is a method of drawing conclusions as a general principle through numerous examples. The conclusion through the inductive method is reliable with universal knowledge. Objectivity is ensured because this knowledge is a conclusion drawn on the basis of direct observation or experience. In this regard, the inductive method is often used in academic research and has played an important role in academic development. However, one scientist said that it is technically impossible to elicit universal knowledge through the inductive method. That's because the inductive method is not all cases can be checked. There is a limitation that this method cannot completely exclude exceptions that deviate from the conclusion. Even if many of the cases observed so far are true, it is likely that there will be cases to refute them in the future. In other words, it is hard to guarantee that a conclusion through the inductive method is true.

[4647]다음을 읽고 물음에 답하십시오.( 2)
인류가 남긴 수많은 미술 작품에는 다양한 동물들이 등장한다. 동물은 원시 시대로부터 현재까지 미술 작품의 중요한 소재가 되어 왔다. 미술 작품에 나오는 동물들은  성격에 따라 크게  가지로 나눌  있다. (  ) 먼저 종교적 대상으로서의 동물이 있다. 인류는 원시 시대에 특정 동물이 초자연적인 힘을 지닜다고 믿었으며 인간 세계를 수호하는 신적인 존재로서 동물을 신성시하기도 했다. (  ) 이는  같은 토템이 그려진 동굴 벽화를 통해   있다.  동물은 신의 보조적 역할을 하는 존재로도 미술 작품에 나타났다. (  )신의 절대성을 뒷받침하는 존재로서 형상화한 것이다한편 동물을 인간의 행복을 기원하는 의미로도 표현했는데 이런 미술 작품이 양적으로 가장 많다. (   예로 ‘거북 동양 문화권의 미술 작품에 장수를 상징하는 동물로 많이 등장했다. 
<보기> 불교 미술에 등장하는 “봉황 상상 속의 동물인데 부처의 위엄을 높여 주는 역할을 한다. 
[46] <보기> location
[47] Consensus동굴 벽화를 통해 동물을 신성시했던 문화를 확인할  있다. 
The cave paintings can be used to identify animals as sacred cultures.
MeaningThe numerous works of art left behind by mankind include a variety of animals. Animals have been an important subject of art from primitive times to present. Animals in art works can be divided into three main categories according to their personality. First, there is an animal as a religious object. Humans believed that certain animals had supernatural powers in primitive times, and were sanctified as divine beings that protected the human world. This can be seen through cave paintings with totem, such as "Cows." In addition, animals have also appeared in art works as an assistant to God. The phoenix, which appears in Buddhist art, is an imaginary animal that serves to enhance Buddha's dignity. It is embodied as an existence that supports God's absoluteness. On the other hand, he also expressed his wish for human happiness, with the largest number of such works of art. As an example, "The Turtle" has emerged as an animal symbolizing longevity in art works in Eastern cultures.

[4850]다음을 읽고 물음에 답하십시오.( 2)
통신 사업은 토지와 같은 국가 재산을 빌려 이루어지기 때문에 공공성이 강하다따라서 통신사들은 국민들이 원활하게 통신 서비스를 받을  있도록 해야  의무가 있다가령 통신사들은 사고 발생  통신 서비스를 신속히 정상화활  있는 시스템을 갖춰야 한다 어느 자역의 통신 시설에 이상이 생겼을 경우 다른 곳의 시설들이  기능을 대체할  있도록 통신 시설들을 (     ) 한다그러나 통신 사업은 대개 수익을 추구하는 민간 기업들이 맡고 있어 비용 절감을 이유로 복구 시스템을 제대로 구축하지 않거나 관리 편의를 위해 통신 시설을 한곳에 집중시키기도 한다실제로 화재로 인해 통신 대란이 일어났을 당시 복구까지 상당한 시일이 걸려 국민 생활에 막대한 손해를 입혔다통신사들의 이러한 경영 방식에 문제가 있다는 지적이 충분히 나올 만하다. 그러므로 단순히 통신 시설에 대한 관리 강화를 넘어 통신 사업의 공공성을 회복하기 위한 근본 대책이 필요하다기업들은 제대로 투자하고 철저하게 시설을 관리할 의무가 있음을 잊어서는  된다아울러 국가 차원에서도 기업들에 대한 감독을 더욱 엄격히 해야  것이다.
[48] Main idea통신 사업의 공공성 회복을 역설하기 위해 To emphasize the restoration of public service in telecommunication business
[49] Space (  )여러 곳으로 분산해야 be spread out in multiple places
[50] Underlined part통신 대란을 신속히 해결하지 못한 이유에 대해 동감하고 있다. 
The author agrees on the reasons for the failure to quickly resolve the communication chaos.
MeaningThe telecommunication business is borrowed from the national property such as the land, so the publicity is strong. Therefore, carriers are obliged to ensure that the public can receive the communication services smoothly. For example, carriers should have a system to quickly normalize their communications services in the event of an accident. In addition, in the event of a malfunction in a communication facility in a station, the communication facilities should be distributed to different locations so that the facilities elsewhere can replace the function. However, the telecommunications business is usually handled by private companies seeking revenue, which either fails to build a recovery system properly or concentrates the communication facilities in one place for ease of management, citing cost savings. In fact, when the fire caused communication chaos, it took a considerable amount of time to recover, causing enormous damage to people's lives. It is fair to point out that there is a problem with this way of management by telecom companies. Therefore, fundamental measures are needed to restore the public nature of the telecommunications business beyond simply strengthening the management of telecommunications facilities. Companies should not forget that they are obliged to invest properly and manage their facilities thoroughly. In addition, the government will have to tighten its supervision of companies at the national level.

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