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How to register a account to join the KIIP program

How to register a account to join the KIIP program.

Step 1: Visit, and click 회원가입 at the top right corner:

Step 2: Tick in the boxes to accept the website terms, and then click 회원가입/Join

Step 3: Because a security issue, just click ADVANCED in your browser, and then Procced to (unsafe) to continue.

Step 4: Select your suitable options, and fill in the form.


- In the ID section, fill in your ID, and click confirm duplication, then 중복확인. If your ID is available to use, a message like this will appear “koreantopik ” 아이디는 사용 가능합니다, if not you have to change to another ID. Finally, click the  아이디를 사용합니다 button to finish selecting ID.

- In Password section: your password must have at least 9 characters with mixture of character + number + special character

- Press Join to finish registering. If everything is ok, a popup saying that your registration is successful will appear 회원가입되었습니다로그인하십시요.”

Congratulation! You successfully created your account to join the KIIP program.

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