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How to Apply for a KIIP Test or Start from level 0 (사회통합프로그램 사전평가 신청)

How to apply for the KIIP level test or midterm test or comprehensive test (사회통합프로그램 사전평가/중간평가/종합평가 신청) 2019.

[사회통합프로그램 - KIIP] Notice: From Jan 1st 2019, when you apply for 사전평가, 중간평가, 종합평가 (Pre-evaluation, level 4 test, level 5 test), submission fee will be 30.000 won.

If you haven't had a account,visit this post to know how to create an account: 
How to register a account to join the KIIP program

If you already have a account, you want to register for a midterm test 중간평가 or comprehensive test 종합평가, skip step 1-2 and start from step 3. 

Step 1: Visit, and click (1) 회원로그인 at the top right corner. Then, click (2) 사회통합프로그램 and choose (3) 단계배정

Step 2: Here are 3 options that you can select only one among them.

1) Start from level 0, without taking the level-test. Click 신청 button to apply.
2) Take the level test to get your proper level. Click 신청 button to apply.
3) Visit your nearby immigration office to submit your TOPIK certificate or related documents to get your proper level assigned.

Step 3: 
- If you select the option 1 (start from level 0), you will be redirected to the my page 마이페이지, which can be accessed by clicking the 마이페이지 button at the top right corner at any time.

Now all you need to do is to wait until your application is approved. After that, you can apply for level 0 class. For details about class registration, visit this post:

If you want to take midterm test or comprehensive testclick (1) 사회통합프로그램 and choosing (2) 평가신청, then tick in the box (3) 동의합니다, then click (4) 신청 to move to the test registration site. (see the below picture)

- If you select the option 2 (take the level test), you will be redirected to a new page as in the below picture.

Step 4: At the new webpage (, fill in all required information to create an account at the test site. 

- When you fill in your address, click 주소찾기 then type your address in Korean. Then select your address from a list. 

- If you can't type Korean character, use to support you.

- After you filled in your phone number, click 인증번호 전송 (receive security number) to receive a 6-digit code on your phone to verify your information. The message will appear like this:
귀하의 휴대폰 인증번호는 613940 입니다.
Enter the code in the box, and click 인증하기 (verify). If the code is correct, you will see this message 인증을 완료하였습니다 (verification is completed).

- You can skip to select nationality 국적 and visa 체류가격, but don't forget to tick in the last box to receive information visa SMS. It is very helpful for registering the test and class later.

- Finally, click 확인 button at the end of the page to finish creating an account at the test site

Step 5: You will be redirected to the login page. Fill in your id and password 

Step 6: After signed in, you can see several options. Select 'level test' 사전평가 as below pictures, then click 'next step' 다음단계.

Step 7
a) Click on the available 'test date' 평가선택

b) select your 'test location' 평가지역 (choose the location nearest to you)

c) Pay the test fee of 30,000 won. 

'Method of payment' 결재선택  > select 'Virtual Account' 가상계좌이체 (you transfer money to a virtual account) > then click 'Pay' 결재하기

d) Finally 'print the receipt' 접수증 출력.

Congratulations! You have finished to apply for any KIIP test.

Step 8: Print your receipt or save it on your phone when going for testing. 

- If you already have a valid TOPIK certificate, you can visit your closest Immigration Office to apply for the KIIP Korean class without taking the level test.
- The test score will be announced after the test a week. Be sure to check your score and apply for your assigned class on time.

- You can register for a class during the registration period. For details, visit: 
Guide to register for a KIIP class on

- Your level test score is valid for maximum 2 year as long as you haven't registered for any class. That means if you can't register for a class this semester, you can still enroll in the next semester without taking the level test again.

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