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사회통합프로그램 종합평가 영주+귀화 Practice Tests (PDF)

사회통합프로그램 종합평가 (KIIP Comprehensive Exam) is a required test for foreign people living in Korea to obtain permanent VISA F5 or Korean citizenship.

For more details about the comprehensive exam, follow the below link:

사회통합프로그램 종합평가 Sample Test +226 Practice Questions

To help you prepare better for the tests, we collected some materials as follows:
  • 3 KIPRAT practice tests (영주용 종합평가) 
  • 3 KINAT practice tests (귀화용 종합평가) 
  • Answer keys and writing samples
Hope you prepare well for the upcoming test. Good luck!

Download the KIPRAT practice test (영주용) here 

Download the KINAT practice testㄴ (귀화용) here.

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