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N 동안, V-는 동안 grammar = during /for N, while V-ing

L1.26 N 동안, V-는 동안 grammar = during/for a time period, while V-ing

Indicate the time period when a certain action begins and lasts until it ends = ‘during/ for N’ / ‘while V-ing’

- In the V-는 동안 grammar, the subjects of the first and second clauses can be either same or different. However, in the V-(으)면서 grammar, the subject of both clauses must be the same.

Noun + 동안:
30분 동안 = during/for 30 min
한 달 동안 = for a month
방학 동안 = during school vacation
휴가 동안 = during holiday

Verb + 는 동안:

가는 동안 = while going
읽는 동안 = while reading
일하는 동안 = while working
*사는 동안 = while living


1. 어제 12 시간 동안 잤어요.
Yesterday, I slept for 12 hours.

2. 곰은 겨울 동안에 겨울잠을 자요.
Bears hibernate during winter.

3. 동생이 텔레비전을 보는 동안 나는 숙제를 했어요.
I did my homework while my younger brother was watching TV.

4. 한국에서 사는 동안 좋은 친구들을 많이 만났어요.
While I lived in Korea, I made a lot of good friends.

5. 얼마 동안 한국에 있을 거예요?
- 일주일 동안 있을 거예요.
How long will you be in Korea?
- I will be here for a week.

6. 방학 동안에 뭐 할 거예요?
- 친척 집을 방문할 거예요.
What will you do during the vacation?
- I will visit my relatives’ home.

7. 비행기가 2시간 후에 출발해요.
- 그러면 비행기를 기다리는 동안 면세점에서 쇼핑을 합시다.
The airplane will depart after two hours.
- Then let’s go shopping at the duty-free shop while waiting for our flight.

8. 어머니가 요리하는 동안 아버지가 청소를 해요.
While my mother is cooking, my father cleans the house.

9. 아이들이 자는 동안 산타가 선물을 주고 가요. 
While the children slept Santa came to give presents

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