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N와/과, N (이)랑, N하고 = 'and' ~ listing particle in Korean

L1.09 N와/과, N (이)랑, N하고 = 'and' ~ listing particle in Korean 

- Listing various things or people = “and” in English
- 와/과 is used mainly in writing, presentations,  and speeches.
- (이)랑 and 하고 are used in everyday conversation.
- 와/과 , (이)랑, and 하고 can’t be mixed in the same sentence.
- Can be used before 같이 and 함께 = together with (example 2 and 3)

Nouns ending in vowel + 와/랑/하고:

의자와 책상이 있습니다.
There are a table and a chair.

엄마랑 아빠는 회사에 가요.
My mom and dad work in company.

사과하고 딸기를 먹고 싶어요.
I want to eat apple and strawberry.

Nouns ending in consonant + 과/이랑/하고:

책과 신문을 읽습니다. 
I read newspapers and books.

세 옷이랑 모자를 사고 싶어요.  
I want to buy new clothes and a hat.

치킨하고 콜라 1병 주세요. 
I will take a chicken and a bottle of coke, please. 


1. 저는 축구와 농구를 좋아해요.
I like soccer and basketball.

2. 내년에 친구랑 같이 여행할 거예요.
I will go traveling with my friend next year.

3. 우리 선생님하고 함께 식사를 할까요?
Shall we have lunch with our teacher?

4. 무슨 한국 음식을 좋아해요?
- 불고기하고 김치찌개를 좋아해요.
What Korean foods do you like?
- I like pulgogi and kimchi stew.

5. 주말에 집에서 뭘 할 거예요?
- 청소하고 빨래를 할 거예요.
What will you do at home in the weekend?
- I will do cleaning and laundry.

6. 한극에는 설날하고 추석이 제일 큰 명절이에요.
In Korea, new year and mid-autumn are the biggest holidays.

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