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[KIIP level 5] Lesson 13: 한국의 전통 의식주 Korean traditional food, clothing, and shelter

<Page 63> SECTION 1: 한국 사람들은 무엇을 먹을까?
차리다: to set, to prepare
-아/어 놓다: Click here
숟가락: spoon
젓가락: chopsticks
영양소: nutrient; nutriment
고루: all of, evenly; equally
섭취하다: intake; ingest
유지하다: to keep, to maintain
주식: staple
재료: material; ingredient
짓다: to make
채소: vegetable
상: table
전골: A Korean hot pot, food made by putting meat, mushroom, seafood, seasoning, etc., in a stew pot, adding broth, and boiling it.
국물: soup
채소: vegetable
나물: Seasoned vegetables: A variety of Korean side dishes made by seasoning boiled, fried or uncooked edible grass, leaves, vegetables, etc.
흔히: often; commonly; usually
양: quantity; amount
김치를 담그다: to make kimchi
저장하다: to store
-아/어 두다: Click here
발효음식: fermented food
장류: primates
멸치젓: Salted anchovies, a side dish, made by salting and fermenting anchovies.
젓갈류: salted fish

알아두기: 한국인이 즐겨 먹는 떡
즐겨: enjoy
주재료: the main ingredient
제사: ancestral rite
로 여겨지다: be regarded as





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