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[KIIP level 5] Lesson 12: 지역사회와 평생교육 Lifelong education and community

Section 1: 평생교육이란 무엇일까?
평생교육: lifelong education; continuing education
요구하다: to request; to demand
지식: knowledge
기술: technology; skill; technique
얻다: to get; to receive
마치다: to complete; to finish
취향: taste; preference; liking
늘어나다: to increase; to swell
본인: me, I, a person concerned, a person in question
지속적: continuance
별도: separate one; an extra one
이루어지다: to be done; to be formed; to be achieved; to consist of
글자 그대로: to the letter
평생: entire life
운영하다: to manage; to operate; to run
전문가: expert; specialist
자격증: license; certificate
구민회관: Resident's hall, Community Center
지역주민: a local resident
구성되다: to be formed; to be organized; to be composed
강좌: lecture; course
비교적: comparative; relatively; rather
수강료: tuition
맞추다: to match; to adjust
노년층: elderly people; aged people
취미생활: a dilettante life
스포츠댄스: sport dance
미디어: media
사이버대학: cyber university
원격: remote
찾아가다: to go visiting, to collect
장점: strength

동영상자료: Video Resources, video material
자연스럽다: natural, unaffected
접하다: to learn, to get
동화: children's story

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