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Ganada Korean for Foreigners Elementary 1 & Intermediate 2 PDF+Audio

Ganada Korean for Foreigners is an integrated textbook aimed to foreigners who do not have any knowledge of Korean language according to the curriculum of Ganata Korean Language Institute. The book series are compiled with the degree of difficulty and frequency of usage, especially in view of daily life and culture background.

The book series are composed of 6 volumes: 
  • The elementary book 1 &2 focus on pronunciation, vocabulary, and pattern examples.
  • The intermediate book 1&2 carry more variable vocabularies and pattern examples. 
  • The advance book 1&2 include Korean history, culture, social aspects, and also current events in Korea.

Each book is compiled of 30 lessons with 4 basic dialogs in each lesson. In each 5 lesson, there is a review lessons composed of reading, writing, and listening to help reviewing the lesson learned so far. 

If you are living in Korean, the whole book series can be purchased online on Gmarket with 10%  fixed discount +15% more discount if on sale period. 

The ebook versions (PDF) are collected from the Internet and only available for the elementary book 1 (including audio) and intermediate book 2. If you want to study Korean seriously, please consider to buy the whole book series.

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