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Basic Korean Grammars for Beginners by Self-Study Korean

Basic Korean Grammars for Beginners is a free Korean grammar library made online by Self Study Korean ( for Korean learners features:

- Concise and clear grammar explanation
- Variety of daily life based examples
- Comparing grammars to avoid confusion

Hope you enjoy our lessons and master Korean grammars in short time.

Expressing Numbers, Dates and Times in Korean

Numbers in Korean = Sino-Korean and Native-Korean

Dates and Times in Korean = reading Year/Month/Date/Day & Hour/Minute

Expressing Tenses and Negation in Korean

Present Tense in Korean = A/V/N-(스)ㅂ니다 or A/V-아/어요.

Past and Past Perfect Tense in Korean = A/V-았/었어요 and A/V-았/었었어요.

Future and Progressive Tense in Korean = V-(으)ㄹ 거예요 and V-고 있다

Negative Expressions in Korean = (1) 아니다, 없다, 모르다; (2) V-지 않다, 안 V; (3) 못 V, V-지 못하다

How to Use Particles in Korean

N-은/는 vs 이/가 = 'topic marker' vs 'subject marker' in Korean

N와/과, N (이)랑, N하고 = 'and' ~ listing particle in Korean

N에, N에서 time & place particles in Korean = at/on (time), in/on/at/to (place)

N에서 N까지, N부터 N까지, N에게/한테(서) grammar = from…to, from..until, to/from N

N도, N만, N밖에 particles = also/too, only/just, only/nothing but

N(으)로, N쯤 particles = to/by/using, about/around

N(이)나, N처럼/ N같이 particles = or/no less than, like/same

Expressing Time Events in Korean 

V-(으)면서 grammar = while/during…~actions occurs simultaneously

V-고 나서 grammar = and then, after V-ing

V-자마자 grammar = as soon as, right after

V-(으)ㄴ 지 grammar = to be.... since V

N 때, A/V-(으)ㄹ 때 grammar = when...A/V, during...N

N 중, V-는 중 grammar = in the middle of N/V, currently doing

N 동안, V-는 동안 grammar = during/for N, while V-ing

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