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6 KIIP Interview Test Samples with Answers (PDF)

The KIIP Interview Test (구술시험) is an important part of the Pre-level test (사전평가), mid-term test (중간평가), and the comprehensive test (종합평가).

The Interview test composes of 5 questions with 5 scores each. The maximum point you can earn during the interview test is 25 points, which is 1/4 of the total score (100 points). The passing score of each KIIP test is over 60 points. In case, if your paper test is not going well, the interview test can be the important key to help you pass the test.

Here we collected 6 KIIP Interview Test Samples with Answers to help you prepare better for the upcoming test. Good luck!

The PDF file can be downloaded here: 6 KIIP Interview Test Samples PDF

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